Saturday, May 30, 2009

post-cruise post

im backkkkkk!

so my total bill was $6.
how could that be???

well... $50 credit because mexico port got cancelled (something called swine flu) then $75 credit because of a pipe from the pool burst creating a flood in the restaurant during dinner on our 2nd night.
don't believe me.. well watch here or here
Most people were upset, most people complained, in fact the guest relations line were wrapped all around the atrium every single time i looked..

HOWEVER i was with all my friends and we had a BLAST. we drank 15 bottles of wine, lynchberg lemonades, jack and coke's, and the daily fruity specials.. It was a great beginning, middle, and end.
The Carnival Paradise was ♥ paradise♥ for me :)

look at the pictures below ---->

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  1. All those drinks ensure a good vacation for me, welcome back!:)