Sunday, January 13, 2008

weeekend almost o.v.e.r

Hope were weekends were fab! hmm.. what did I do?
Friday night- Megan B and I took a little trip to Starbucks and sat and chatted for an hour. I ordered the new skinny vanilla latte. And honestly I couldnt taste a difference. Its only 90 calories- Im super excited.
Saturday- did a little shopping at Kohls then saw PS I Love you with Sharon. It was good but not super good. I heard it was amazing from so many people -maybe my expectations were too high. After I went to Caribou with Sharon and chatted for 3 hours!! I love going to coffee shops and people watching too..hehe
Oh and I ordered the new dolce de leche drink.
I would get that again.
Today I went to church, Pick N Save, Walmart, and made jello poke cake for dinner. oh and worked on a few scholarships.


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