Thursday, October 25, 2007

what a day..

went to marketing class and had a guest speaker come in and talk.. he was a PGA pro- i was the only girl who raised who hand when he asked who golfs?
I told him I was on the WW team.. i felt special :)
then at 4 i had weight training session.. that starts monday..booo 5 days a week
its 6:30 now and i just got back- quick change for my business casual dress code meeting for BETA at 7
then at 8 i have another golf meeting to talk about things from fall
once all that is done have to go back to my apartment and start studying ALL night for my accounting test tomorrow.. the big one that i have been stressing out all week..
yes its tomorrow
ok let's hope for the best

im going to need one of these by tomorrow..


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